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A Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  

Extreme High school students with volunteers from New Jersey USA 2011 


                 Community children before enrolled to Nansana Community primary school  
Members of the students choir at Botanical Gardens  2008


About Us

Mentor Volunteers Uganda also known as Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning is a small charity registered in Uganda (CBO No. 992) interested in improving and providing high quality education to orphans , children   from extreme poor families and children neglected  of their right to education in Uganda. We are operating a kindergarten, 2 elementary schools   and a high school . all our schools support orphans and other vulnerable children with over 800 children. we are a community development solution to support our community children 

Child  neglect occur in all sections of our society, but the risk factors are greater in  orphaned families, parents  having economic  challenges ,have difficulty controlling anger, alcohol or drugs abused ,have little to no education and were abused or neglected as children

Our mission is to establish programs that are taking into account Education and Healthcare for every child 


We are focusing on 

 · Providing formal primary and secondary school 

 · Parent mentoring, counseling, guiding and parent education.

·        support service will include case management,

·        Carry out education campaign  and advocacy  for government schools

·        Identify children denied of their education and health rights

·         Enroll children in government  and private schools

·        Provide scholastic materials to neglected children

·         Stop child employment in shops, factories, house girls or any employment sector.


·        Get sponsors for these children 


·        Prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing home visitation

·        Forming Local Child Welfare groups 


The Center for Child Advocacy and Life Planning (CCALP) began in 1999 as a community based initiative to support children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Nansana village in the Wakiso district of Central Uganda.  The program, also known as Mentor Volunteers due to the emphasis on involving peopleoutside the agency in the work, began with four children orphaned in the Nansana Community, left alone with no support from an adult.  Seeing their suffering, a small community based organization was set up to by six community volunteers to help these children survive: Mr. Segawa Ephraim, Mr. Mukasa Job, Nakabuuka Gladys, Mr. G.W. Kabuuka, Mrs. Jane Kabuuka and Mr. Musinguzi Johnson. 

In 2001, a small nursery school was set up in a garage to provide education to such children in the community. This school was named Nansana Community Primary School.  Supplies such as school uniforms, books, pencils and pens, as well as school fees were paid for by community volunteers.  As time went on, more and more children were left orphaned, as HIV/AIDS claimed countless lives in Uganda.  The need to provide care and support to orphans became greater as the number of orphaned children grew literally by the day. 

The Center for Child Advocacy and Life Planning program currently educates over 800 orphans and vulnerable children in the Wakiso and Kiboga districts of Central Uganda.  In 2004, the CCALP program expanded to Sirimula Village in the Kiboga district where approximately 200 of the 800 children are currently educated as well as provided with a home and their basic needs.  The remaining 400+ children in the CCALP program attend the Nansana Community Primary School and 200 Extreme High school .  In Nansana, approximately 120 of these children live at the Center where they receive food, a home, education and emotional support from their 'extended family'.  The remaining 280+ students who come to the Center and attend school each day either live with one or both parents in the community, or have been placed with guardians in the surrounding environs through the efforts of CCALP.

 Beginning in 2005, friends from England, Canada, and the United States came as volunteers to the Center to support the school, work with the children, and help grow the organization.  At present, a steady stream of international volunteers find their way to CCALP and the Nansana Community Primary School to help care for, educate, and support the orphans and vulnerable boys and girls at the Center.

The CCALP program currently educates children from the Nursery level to the secondary level , with a near term goal of completing an additional classroom buildings and hiring more teachers at the Nursery,Primary and secondary  level in Nansana, Kiboga and Namayumba  in order to continue to provide a formal, high quality education for their children.  An additional intention of the Center was  to open a Secondary School and by  February, 2010 the land in Namayumba  was bought and the school was constructed  , so the the graduating Primary 7 students and other teenagers within the program's care continue their education and move that much closer to a promising, independent life.

The project is located at , NansanaTown council Wakiso District in Uganda, and six miles outside of Kampala city on Hoima road.

the Kampala office is located at Makerere hill road on Gadafi road 

We invite your participation, involvement, and support in a variety of ways.  Visit our 'Volunteering', 'Immediate Needs', 'Make a Donation', and 'Sponsor a Child' pages to learn more about your opportunities to support the children of CCALP.

Organizational Structure

The Center at present is a Nursery , Primary and secondary  school, based on formal primary and secondary  education and Christianity. It is also a centre for Suubi International Children's Recital Choir.  CCALP is managed by a small, yet very active, board of directors, all who share a deep passion for the needs of our children at CCALP.

The Center is committed to sharing its knowledge and expertise with the people in the community. It has developed links with national and international organizations and international volunteers in order to further it's mission to provide a quality education and basic needs to the needy children in Central Uganda.

Over the past 5 years, the organization has expanded from 15 children in one center to over 800 children in 4 centers in Wakiso and Kiboga district in Uganda. A commitment is made to support each child by giving him or her strong educational foundation, a good time, self esteem and values, and to help them plan how they can earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living

The Center is an advocate for all children. It advises, recommends, and promotes for changes at many different levels to improve children's health and wellbeing.

Funding and Sponsorship

Funding for the Center comes from a number of sources. International volunteers from Canada, USA, UK and Hungary have spent time at the Center and have contributed their resources and time to CCALP.  Modest contributions from guardians who are able to afford to do so is another source of funding for the Center.  CCALP is actively seeking additional funding from corporations in Kampala, and is also exploring the avenue of foreign based foundation grants, with the help of our international volunteers.  

Thanks to everyone who has helped us sponsor children from our Center.  If you would like to sponsor a child in our centers, now is a perfect time to do so.   Click on the 'Sponsor a Child' link to learn more.  If you would like to make a lump sum donation to CCALP, please visit our 'Make a Donation' page and we have a number of easy and secure ways for you do so.'  By visiting our 'Immediate Needs' page, you will learn precisely what CCALP projects require our focus right now, and you will have a very clear picture of how we will be using your donations.  Lastly, click on the 'Volunteering' link in the left margin of this page to find out more about what it means to be a volunteer at CCALP.          

One Dollar a day gives a child at CCALP the resources needed to get adequate care and an education

Many children in Uganda have been orphaned as a result of the country’s HIV/AIDS epidemic andwar and now as a result many orphans are  living alone or with one of their extended family; this means that in every family there is an orphan living with them.  Some of these children are living onthe streets of Kampala and other towns with no access to education, health care, shelter and feeding. As a result, many find their way into crime.

 That’s why initiatives like CCALP Uganda have been put into place, in order to assimilate these children into society and give the children future prospects. we are making a real difference in their lives.  

We cannot ignore the plight of these children any more. It is time to accept our responsibility as a caring community and work to make a positive change in the lives of children 

Every child in Uganda has the right to education, health, equality, safety, and a joyful childhood.