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A Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  



  Mission Statement 

We believe that orphans and vulnerable children in Central Uganda are entitled to a formal high quality education and other basic needs for their brightest future. 



 CCALP is a recognized non-profit organization that provides programs and services in education and health to improve the well-being of children who face the harsh realities of poverty. 

  To carry out its mission,  CCALPengages staff and volunteers who are trained to understand the positive impact that education and good health  can have on children and on community.

CCALP will take its programs and services to any place where children are denied of education and health.   It will train and engage a local group of staff and volunteers to work collaboratively with and within a community to help it overcome those factors that most hinder child’s education and health.  In promoting education and good health , CCALP strives to make the world a better place  for children. 

The dream of CCALP is to provide Help, Understanding, Guidance and Support to all children , in an effort to promote health and education , prevent child abuse/neglect and protect our future by strengthening families and protecting children.

The idea of CCALP is to establish programs that are holistic in nature taking into account the child’s physical, cultural, economic, and spiritual environment in which they live