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A Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  




Become our partner! Get involved with us in a variety of ways and make a lasting impact on the children we serve.



Become a Virtual Volunteer: discuss ideas on how to increase our awareness, involve your school or company in a fundraising events and to become an advocate on behalf of  Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP) 
  • Christmas Gifts: Many organizations, companies, churches   and homes offer gifts as well as grants during Christmas seasons as their individual contributions towards children charities.
  •  Occasion party!  - Birthday, graduation, anniversary - you can host a fun-filled event and ask your friends to bring a gift or a financial contribution in honor of the festivity. No contribution is too small!
  • Community Networking: Join our community at Face book, or Change.org. You will be able to meet other of one mind people, upload videos, and share news and ideas that can have a positive impact on our mission.
  •   Create your own web page: Dedicate a web page that you create to Jolly children centre . You can easily upload a direct link to our website as well as a DONATE NOW button so that your friends can make a contribution easily and securely.


Share child sponsorship with your church, class or family: Invite a group of friends or loved ones to share a sponsorship with you.

Tell us your idea: Is there a creative and fun way that others can easily join to make a difference? Share those ideas! We would love to hear them.