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A Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  

Dear comrades

I am pleased to write to you about Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP), www.ccalp.cfsites.org  project,  that I believe will be of interest to your charity.

CCALP is seeking partnership to expand and share its successful programs to provide aggressive services.

Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP)  is one of the Uganda‚Äôs child support organization providing help, understanding, guidance and support to all children abused and neglected of their right  to education and healthcare.....

 Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP) is focusing on   

  • Parent mentoring, counseling, guiding and parent education.
  • support service  including case management,
  • Carry out education campaign  and advocacy  for government schools
  • Identify children denied of their education and health rights
  •  Enroll children in government  and private schools
  • Provide scholastic materials to neglected children
  •  Stop child employment in shops, factories, house girls or any employment sector.
  • Get  education sponsors for these children
  • Prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing home visitation
  • Forming Local Child welfare groups (LCWG)

We are seeking partnership from your organization  since you have Interest in education, healthcare and helping those from the underrepresented minority communities


We have worked hard for the past five years, from supporting 15 to 400 children, by  providing education sponsorship and health care with support  from volunteers of  USA and Canada .


Thank you taking time to learn about our mission and current projects. We appreciate your considerate attention.

Hope to hear from you

Best wishes

Namudu Mariam

Program director

 Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP)

Wakiso district Tel. +256 77 2615755 or 256 78 3696225 www. ccalp.cfsites.org, email:tnecsiuganda@gmail.com